Meet the Founder

Meet our team’s Director and Founder, Louise Fisher, the visionary behind The Grants Whisperer. With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, Louise brings a wealth of expertise in navigating governmental funding intricacies.
Her unparalleled insights have resulted in a staggering $700 million secured for diverse organisations across Local Government, Industry, and the Not-for-Profit sectors. This includes entities as varied as Local Aboriginal Land Councils, Youth Support organisations, Community Services, and Disability and Aged Care Providers.

Louise was instrumental in the delivery of the business case for the Trangie and Narromine Irrigation Modernisation Project, a substantial $176 million venture, demonstrates her skill. She effectively managed conflicting priorities and complex relationships within three levels of Government, 300+ primary industry enterprises, coordinated five dependent sub-projects and ensuring the most efficient use of resources in the politically sensitive atmosphere of trading water entitlements as part of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

With an unwavering commitment to evidence-based methodologies, political expertise, and exceptional advocacy skills, Louise secured an impressive $320 million during her term at Central Coast Council. Her leadership
extended beyond monetary gains, as she spearheaded initiatives like the Grants Register and Insights Dashboard, along with the innovative Grant Finder tool, benefitting both the community and businesses.

A seasoned negotiator and collaborator, Louise’s influence
has been paramount in fostering profound government, business, and industry partnerships. Her extensive leadership experience has nurtured collaborative ecosystems, reinforcing regional advocacy efforts and facilitating harmonious engagements across diverse stakeholder groups.

In her former role as the Economic Development Manager at Regional Development Australia Central Coast, Louise orchestrated the formulation and execution of the Central Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy. Her strategic insights also materialised in strong Business Cases to champion priority projects of regional significance.

Notably, she chaired the Central Coast Regional Infrastructure Working Group and co-founded the Central Coast Economic Taskforce, cementing her commitment to regional progress. Louise is devoted to promoting the sustainable economic development of regions. Her approach hinges on evidence-driven strategies and a Quadruple Bottom Line ethos, reflecting her deep-seated passion for fostering holistic prosperity.